Forward 2020 Terms & Conditions 


  • Minimum charge RM250 (after discount) per day for one photographer
  • Additional travelling charges will be incurred for assignments outside KL/PJ area
  • Applicable for assignments in 2020 (i.e. before 1 Jan 2021)


Forward 2020 FAQ

Q : What is Forward 2020?

A :  It is an initiative by Steven Leong Photography to lighten the burden of any business or person affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Q : What does "Matching Discount" mean?

A : Discount percentage will be equal to to the percentage of loss or reduction of income or revenue

Q : I still do not understand, can I have some examples of how "Matching Discount" works?

A :  Here are 3 examples -

        Travel Agency Example

  • You would like to do some headshots of your guides and agents on your website so that clients can see your guides' experience & qualification
  • Suffered 70% reduction of revenue due to COVID-19
  • Discount amount : 70%

        Restaurant Example

  • You require food photography to be done for your new food that you would like to place on a online platform
  • A 360-degrees shot of your current restaurant layout for your website / social media to reassure customers and to show them the ambience of your restaurant
  • Suffered 30% reduction of revenue due to COVID-19
  • Discount amount : 30% (for both shoots)

        Wedding Example

  • You had to take a 15% pay-cut recently due to your employer's loss of business because of COVID-19
  • You would like pre-wedding and actual day photography to be done
  • Discount amount : 15% (for both pre-wedding & actual day wedding)

Q : Is there a maximum discount in terms of percentage or amount?

A : No, there isn't but there is a Minimum Charge of RM250 / day and as of now, the matching discount is limited to assignments requiring only 1 photographer

Q : Why RM250 / day? That is too high

A : The minimum to ensure that we are able to afford food and transportation with a small margin to ensure if gear was damaged or lost during the shoot, we would be able to afford to replace it

Q : Why is this limited to assignments that require only 1 photographer?

A :  Only 1 photographer (myself, Steven Leong) is willing to accept RM250 / day min. rate as of now.


Q : Is there a geographical limitation to this initiative?

A :  Right now, it is limited to KL/PJ/Klang Valley area. If you are outside this area, a minimal travel charge will be applicable


Q : Is there a time limit for Forward 2020?

A :  It is applicable for any assignments / shoots on or before 31 December 2020


Please feel free to Contact Me or Whatsapp for more details

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